Three police officers plead not guilty

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They're accused of intimidating a woman last Fall after she accused them of sexual assault. The woman later recanted her story but three Central Kentucky police officers are still facing some serious charges. Today they appeared before a judge for the first time.

It was a 'not guilty' plea today on behalf of three Richmond police officers as they appeared before a judge for the first time for an incident dating back to last October.

Sergeant James Rogers, Officer Garry Murphy, and Officer Brian Hensley were indicted by a Madison County Grand Jury on January 28th for an incident dating back to October 27th where a woman accused them of sexual assault. Authorities say she later recanted her story.

Sgt. James Rogers faces charges of Intimidating a Participant in the Legal Process and Tampering with a Witness. He allegedly used threats to influence the woman's testimony.

Officer Garry Murphy and Officer Brian Hensley are charged with complicity to the both charges for allegedly helping Rogers. Officer Murphy is also charged with 4th Degree Assault for allegedly smacking the woman.

"Our officers proclaimed their innocence today and will continue to do so through the resolution of these charges.We've asked for a very prompt resolution and are pleased with the speed in which this case is moving", says attorney Jim Deckard.

In the meantime the Commonwealth asked that one condition be imposed by the court for the three officers. They have asked the officers have no direct or indirect contact with the victim in this case.

"That's one thing we agreed to. The officers have no contact with her and we hope it will be mutual", says attorney Jim Deckard.

As for all three of the officers, they will appear back before a judge on March 4th. They have all three been suspended without pay for the time being.

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