Slippery snow covered sidewalks could cost you

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This winter snow, wind and cold have kept people indoors, but it seems cabin fever is getting the better of people.

Physician Suzanne Fiscella says she is seeing 2 to 3 people a day coming into Urgent Treatment Clinics complaining of slip and fall injuries.

Fiscella says injuries are up compared to last year's ice storm, saying the ice storm kept people inside.

As a whole, those walking in downtown Lexington say there are a few problem areas in terms of ice, but as a whole, the sidewalks are clear.

Lexington Police say they have received a number of complaints about icy sidewalks. In those cases, an officer is sent to investigate and inform the owner of the problem.

They have the ability to issue a citation but say the owner is usually willing to clean up the problem rather than pay the fine.

Anyone who wants to report an icy sidewalk can call Lexington Police.

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