Loveless in Lexington

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The Daily Beast online new site ranked 104 cities with populations more than 200,000 people by which are most conducive to finding -and keeping a spouse.

Lexington came in last place.

"I wouldn't say it's a bad city at all," said Jimmette Effinger, a single woman living in Lexington.

Effinger says there are pro's and con's to being single in this city.

"I think that Lexington has a really good nightlife and you can go out and meet some people," Effinger said, "it seems like a lot of people get in relationships and they stay in relationships and the single-market is a one turn kind of deal."

Which is actually the one thing Lexington got an A+ for - having a lower divorce rate.

However Lexington got an F for the lack of a lot of single people, and F's for social life, emotional health, and finding someone to marry.

Some say the bad grade card is wrong.

"If you look hard enough you'll find it," said Cindy who met her husband at a church in Lexington, "I just don't think people look in the right place.. any place is a good place in Kentucky to find love."

Others say, it is not as bad here as it could be.

"It has more things to do," said Hope Bishop, "we are from a town that has one red light, so compared to that it's good here."

And for this Valentine's day, some singles say it's all about thinking positive.

"I think there's someone for every body in every town," said Lexington resident Justin Moses.

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