Letter sparks budget debate in Frankfort

Governor Steve Beshear is once again asks lawmakers to reconsider counting money from expanded gambling…in a budget proposal.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo admits the governor’s plan has no support in his chamber.

“He put a plan out there…it doesn’t appear it will pass…so we have to move forward,” said Stumbo Friday morning, during a legislative news conference.

“He’s kind of become a one trick pony..and his one trick is expanded gambling,” Senate President David Williams told reporters.

Lawmakers in the House say the will have a budget that doesn’t include any new revenue from Kentucky. That means no tax increases and no tax reform..but it’s likely they are leaving the door wide open for more federal stimulus money.

“The information we’re receiving from around the country is that they’re inclined to give the stimulus program a bit more time to help the states,” said Stumbo.

Stumbo says there will not be drastic measure taken such as schools shut down or roads un-maintained, but he says public employees should not count on more in their pay checks either.

“Teachers probably will not get a raise,” said Stumbo. “I don’t know anyone that’s getting a raise in this economy.”

“So how can we look people in the eye and say we’re going to insulate one and give raises to public employees? While some are being laid off,” said Williams.

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