Has Toyota trouble meant big business for Ford?

While it might take some time to determine just how much, if at all, Toyota has been damaged by its latest recall, the short term problems have meant increased interest for Ford dealerships across the country.

Stacy Ellison spoke to local dealers who are seeing an up tick in traffic.

Gary Settles says it's busy at Paul Miller Ford during what is usually a slow season.

"We've definitely had 20 to 25 % more people looking in a very snowy February time period."

Settles says at Paul Miller they've served some concerned consumers, some even looking to trade in their Toyotas.

Paul Miller is even offering a trade in incentive to help them.

Scott Politte of Stivers Fords in Iowa says they've also seen business improve by about 20%.

"Today we're starting to see people defect from the current manufacturer of their vehicles, it's been a great opportunity for Ford."

Both Politte and Stivers are ready to capitalize on that opportunity.

They say Toyota's troubles have been a factor in increased business, but also point to Ford's safety record and reputation.

"We've got a great quality product and we're glad to be representing the Ford product," says Settles.

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