Two years after brutal attack, a victim still searches for his attackers

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Two years after a violent attack, a victim is still looking for answers. Meanwhile, State Police say the case is closed.

Bill Power is back at work, painting houses, something he's done for 30 years.

Two years ago, while painting a Flemingsburg electrical co-op building overnight, Power says two men came in and robbed him.

"When somebody pulls a gun on you and puts it to your face, that's hard to forget," Power says.

That was just the beginning, with his own work tape he was tied to a chair.

"I know they were binding me up tight, but I never dreamed they used my head as a punching bag," he says.

Power wasn't discovered until the next day saying, "They left me there to die."

Two years ago Power spoke with 27 NEWSFIRST. He showed us a beaten and bruised face but spoke about forgiveness.

But now, Power wants answers.

"There has to be somebody that knows something somewhere."

Power says police have given up. Saying he hasn't spoke with police for one and a half years.

27 NEWSFIRST spoke with State Police who say the case is closed.

We were told they interviewed possible suspects and nothing panned out.

"A lot of people even said that I had something to do with myself. that's all untrue, " says Power.

Power says now he's just looking for some closure.

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