Meth lab bust causes health scare for Kentucky sheriff

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A meth lab bust causes a health scare for a Kentucky sheriff. Knox County Sheriff John Pickard had to go to the hospital after he was exposed to dangerous chemicals.

Pickard and his deputies responded to the School House Apartments in Corbin, where a search inside a home led them to an active meth lab.

"It was obvious, there was a lot of cooking," says Pickard.

It was during that search, Pickard says he stumbled on something potentially deadly. Pickard says he was opening up pill bottles and he poured into his hand what turned out to be hazardous material.

Pickard didn't have gloves on, and tried to wash off the chemicals quickly. However, it was too late and he had been exposed and was taken to the hospital. Pickard says the chemical is known to shut down one's liver.

Four people were arrested and are facing multiple charges, including four counts of wanton endangerment to a police officer. As for Pickard, a valuable lesson has been learned. He says he'll always be wearing gloves during a search of that nature.

Pickard has another doctor's appointment at the end of the month to see if all of the chemicals have left his system.

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