Person of Interest Identified in Louisville Boy's Murder

Louisville police have been looking for the person who killed little Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano.

Late Wednesday afternoon, new information materialized in the case that may shed some light on what happened to the 4-year-old boy.
The new information is coming from a search warrant obtained by TV stations in Louisville, a search warrant police say they weren't supposed to have.

The warrant reportedly talks about a person of interest in the case and details how Louisville police searched the man's home; a 46 year-old registered sex offender.

The man lives in the same apartment complex the 4 year-old boy disappeared from and near where the boy's body was found.

The report says specially trained dogs got a hit essentially smelling a strong odor from the man's apartment on Saturday, the day the boy's body was found.

Reports out of Louisville say detectives have asked for photographs, blood samples, semen and saliva samples from the man.

They also say the man was cooperating with police when the boy's body was first found, although that appears to have stopped. Police won't call the man a suspect only calling him a person of interest.

The search warrant obtained in Louisville does say there's probably cause to believe the 46 year-old convicted sex offender committed the crime.

It also apparently details more about how the boy was discovered in a garbage truck wearing only a shirt and nothing else.

Police have not released how the boy was murder or if he was sexually abused.

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