Snow Can't Keep Scott County Couped Up

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Crews have been busy with the job of moving piles of snow out of neighborhood streets. Workers in Georgetown spent the day scraping up the snow-piles into dump trucks. The snow slowed down more than just travel in Scott County. It's also putting a cramp on business there.

For a lot of people these conditions make them just want to stay inside and hibernate until the weather changes, but others are starting to get cabin fever and say they can't wait it out any longer.

As long as the snow keeps falling, workers will have to keep shovelling and plowing the roads. The sight of tractors up and down his street came as an eye-opener for Michael Stinnett. "I didn't think I would ever see it down here. I mean you're used to seeing it up North, but not down here. I mean, it's bad," Stinnett said.

That's why he's staying closeby, going only as far as Fava's Restaurant down the street. "It kind of makes it hard to get around. It makes you not want to get out much," Stinnett said.

Inside, servers say the weather has put a dent in their business. "A lot of people don't like to venture out into this, especially a small town with all the back roads and everything. A lot of people like to stay in and keep it safe," Fava's Blake Jessie said.

But others aren't going to let the cold keep them from dinner. "You'd be surprised though. Sometimes, I'm always even amazed that people actually come out and will still venture out in the weather because I wouldn't if I was able to be at home and didn't have to work, I wouldn't be out," Fava's Nancy Koehler said.