Father Convicted Of Manslaughter

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"The things that I've tried are not working on my little girl and she died right there in my arms," said Garrett Taylor.

Taylor testified under oath that he never meant to hurt his six-week-old daughter, Alena. He says he was trying to save her because she sometimes stopped breathing and demonstrated how he tried to revive her.

"I shook her like this. That's as hard as you shook her? That's as hard as I shook my little girl. For 45 minutes? It was not hard enough to where I thought what I was doing would hurt my little girl," Taylor said.

But the medical examiner said the injuries baby Alena suffered were no accident.

"The force required him to reduce this pattern of injuries, including the head injury and also the fresh fractures and also the contusions of the head would be of such a violent nature that it would be clear to an average person that it may be harmful," said medical examiner, Jennifer Schott.

The Bell County jury agreed and convicted Taylor of second degree manslaughter.

"This was a tragic circumstance. A 42 day old baby so I'm just pleased that they held Mr. Taylor accountable," said Bell County Commonwealth Attorney, Karen Blondell.

The baby's mother and Taylor's wife, Billie, testified she had seen him do it before.

Bille Taylor said, "He was patting her on the back and flicking her on the foot. She wasn't catching er breath so he started shaking her. She started grunting and I said stop shaking her, you're going to kill her, and he stopped."

Criminal abuse charges against Billie Taylor are still pending in a Bell County grand jury. Formal sentencing for Garrett Taylor is scheduled for August 6th. The jury recommended Taylor serve a ten year sentence in prison. But his attorney says he will be eligible for parole in six months.