Snow emergency lifted in Lexington

The snow emergency declared in Lexington has been lifted.

During a news conference Tuesday morning, Mayor Jim Newberry ended the emergency, as of 11 a.m.

The mayor declared a stage one emergency Monday afternoon, meaning people who parked on priority roads had to move their vehicles.

Road conditions around Lexington improved Tuesday morning.

"We needed to get the accumulated snow cleared off of the snow emergency routes and we could not do that with cars parked on those roads," Newberry said. "Overnight, city crews got most of the areas cleaned off."

The lifting of the snow emergency means parking on snow emergency routes is now permitted once again.

Bluegrass Towing took in more than 100 vehicles parked along snow emergency routes while the emergency was in effect.

If your vehicle was towed, you can find out how to retrieve it by calling the police reports desk.

That number is 258-3563.

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