Radio Lexington goes on the air

Lexington now has a new radio station on the air.

Radio Lexington is now operating at 1620 on the AM dial.

Mayor Jim Newberry talked about the new station during his news conference Tuesday. It began broadcasting earlier this month, and will continue to do so 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Currently, the city says programming is limited. It's highlighting LexCall, the Spotlight Lexington Festival, and the city's website right now.

But city officials say programming will grow in the coming weeks.

Newberry says he hopes the station will become a lifeline during an emergency, providing vital information, such as shelter locations or evacuation information.

The station will also provide traffic information, special events schedules, and weather updates, among other things.

The city says right now, the station's signal covers the southern and central parts of Fayette County, with transmitters at several fire stations.

The city plans to build two or three more transmittal stations in the future, to provide full signal coverage across the county.

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