Edwards Takes Page From RFK's Book, To Give Speech Next Week In Kentucky

Johnn Edwards

WASHINGTON (AP) - The campaign of presidential hopeful John Edwards has a ready answer for all the criticism about his expensive haircuts and expansive home. He believes a man can be wealthy and care about the poor, too. He points to a Democratic hero - Robert F. Kennedy.

Edwards plans to spend three days next week on a poverty tour reminiscent of Kennedy's 1968 trip. Edwards even plans to end his journey where Kennedy did some 40 years ago, in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

The eight-state tour shifts the spotlight to an issue that has been the focus of Edwards' campaign since his first run for the White House four years ago. In recent weeks, publicity about his personal wealth has opened him to charges of hypocrisy and threatened to undermine his message.

Edwards plans to visit a remote health care clinic in Wise, Virginia and talk about economic opportunity for young people growing up in Whitesburg, Kentucky, then give a speech next Wednesday at the Floyd County Courthouse (in Kentucky) where Kennedy spoke.

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