Salt supplies running low in central Kentucky

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The continuous snow storms hitting the Bluegrass this winter are keeping road crews on their toes, and it’s also putting a strain on their budgets.

“Another week of this, we’re over the budget,” says Don Menke, the road supervisor in Bourbon County.

Not only are counties feeling the effects of winter in their pocketbooks, but it’s also affecting salt supply. In Bourbon County, the roads department is down to its last 60 tons of salt. The county has used double what it normally does each year.

The recent round has been especially difficult because of high winds, causing drifts.

With supplies of salt running low, many counties are just taking the hit, in order to keep their residents, as they just hope for an early Spring.

Surrounding counties like Clark and Franklin are also reporting low salt supplies, but with a temporary break in the weather, road crews across the board are staying optimistic.

Most counties say the salt they have ordered should arrive before the end of the week.

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