Toyota gets support from Facebook fans

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The recent announcement that Toyota's Georgetown plant would be among those to again temporarily suspend production is just the latest in a series of troubling reports for the automaker. Although plant officials insist workers' jobs are not in danger, some can't help but worry. Leigh Ann Reeves' husband is a specialist at the Georgetown plant. She says families like hers hate to see Toyota's reputation take such a beating. "I take it personally because I have seen my husband work hard for 21 ½ years," Reeves said.

That's why the self-described Facebook addict decided to build a cyber support group. "Before I knew it, it had grown over a thousand. Then it was 2000," Reeves said.

In less than two week's since its launch, the page has become more popular than Reeves could have imagined. Reeves isn't stopping there. She plans to make signs and bumper stickers she hopes to start seeing across the community as a way to counteract any bad publicity. "I feel like we're just one big family, one big team, and we're all fighting for the reputation of the company," Reeves said.

If you'd like to join the group on Facebook, it's called... "I support Toyota workers - they are still the best."