MSU apologizes for fans' lack of sportsmanship

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When the water bottle came flying from the student section in Humphrey Coliseum, Mississippi State President Mark Keenum says it was an embarrassment for his entire university. Dr. Keenum went on to write: "That kind of behavior is totally unacceptable and far removed from the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that exists on the Mississippi State University campus... I have called University of Kentucky President Dr. Lee Todd to offer an official apology to the university, its basketball team and fans for this unfortunate incident."

After the game Coach John Calipari downplayed the frenzy. "Their fans were terrific," Calipari said, "The stuff at the end, it's just unfortunate, and let me say this, that was probably fifteen people in the whole building out of 12,000 that were idiots and would throw things or say stuff."

Nonetheless, MSU Athletic Director Greg Byrne says he's investigating what he calls fans' lack of sportsmanship that started earlier in the week when Demarcus Cousins received objectionable messages on his personal cell phone. "I got called some N-words, some Bs. It kind of made me mad in the beginning," Cousins said, "but now I'm like answering the phone holding conversations with them."

Asked what he thought about the N-word being used, Cousins said, "They're just showing their ignorance."

Byrne promises that ignorance will be punished. "In both cases," he writes, "we will do our best to track down those individuals responsible and take appropriate disciplinary measures, which could include denial of future ticket privileges."