Kentucky lawmakers support Toyota

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In the coming days, we will hear more about Toyota as it tries to calm safety concerns about its vehicles.

On Friday, the State Senate in Frankfort read a resolution in support of the automaker. The Senate Resolution commended the automaker for being a pillar in the community as well as for keeping 200,000 Kentuckians employed.

While the resolution is largely symbolic, Toyota leaders say it means everything.

"I think what the Senate did today was just reassure us that constituents across the state understand our commitment to building quality vehicles and our efforts to fix the problem," explained Rick Hesterberg, spokesman for the Georgetown plant.

The company's largest North American plant is in Georgetown, which will temporarily idle work for one day next week.

It is so dealerships won't have extra inventory on hand since the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles over faulty accelerators.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear remains in support of Toyota.

He and three other governors wrote a letter to congress, requesting fair treatment for the automaker as the government looks into the safety concerns.

The Senate Resolution passed today also asks that Toyota be treated fairly in and state or federal investigation.

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