World Equestrian Games officials learning lessons from Olympics

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World Games CEO Jamie Link knows they have an opportunity come September, so he's been getting in shape.

"We may not look like it but I guess you can consider us athletes when it comes to being the organizing committee of the games," he said.

In sports, experience goes a long way. Link says he's assembled an experienced team with an impressive resume.

"Previous Olympics, Super Bowls, even Presidential Inaugurations," he said.

Right now, Canada and Kentucky have a lot in common beside the snow. Officials with the World Equestrian Games are at the Winter Olympics learning as much as they can so in 217 days ,things go smoothly at the the Horse Park.

Lessons have already been learned and information is being passed on to the necessary sectors. Transportation, for example, has been plotted to the second.

"They use GPS tracking technology, and radio communication of course, you can always adjust on the fly," Link said.

These winter games in Vancouver have already showed what a change in weather can do. Thousands of fans were given refunds after rain and warmth made stands unstable, all learning points for Link.

"It's a great opportunity see how large events works ideas as far as planning," he said.

The plan is to have one more thing in common with Vancouver - a gold medal event in Kentucky.

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