Schools struggle to make up snow days

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The sun began warming things up in Jackson County, but not enough to reopen schools. Dangerous roads in the more rural parts of the county helped lead to the decision to close school for the ninth day in a row.

Superintendent Ralph Hoskins overseas the school system and is keeping an eye on the calendar. Jackson County Public Schools have now missed a total of 26 instructional days, three days because of flu in the school year, the rest because of the weather. The county usually builds in days for bad weather, but the school district is already at the maximum amount it's ever had to take.

"It's weird that we haven't been in school," says Savannah Rose, a fourth grader at Sand Gap Elementary School.

School leaders have already pushed school send date in to June and are now considering cancelling Spring Break, but the big concern is getting students prepared before state testing which is quickly approaching.

Other counties have also seen the number of school days missed into the double digits. Students have missed 28 days in Knox County. In Laurel County, 17 school days have been missed. All are seeing numbers above average.

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