Hundreds gather in Frankfort to 'Restore America'

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Hundreds gathered on the steps of the Capitol in Frankfort to support Restore America.

The organization wants to return America to the biblical roots of the founding fathers. Songs, signs, and people were all in support of the movement gaining steam in Kentucky.

Hundreds braved the cold and traffic to be there, like Pastor Don Pinson who drove in from London.

"This is a strong statement about people in this state," Pinson said.

Many are here because they feel that America is distancing from its biblical roots, which is why Pastor Jeff Fugate organized this rally.

"The Declaration of Independence makes it very plain that we have received God-given rights of life, liberty, and property from the God Almighty," Pinson said.

"Restore says what is the basic principle this nation was founded on and let's restore it," Fugate said.

The organization believes a "restored" America also means taking a pro-life stance, and also against gambling.

Another things Restore America supports is coal, which is not just the lifeblood of eastern Kentucky, but for many around the state.

Discussed mining regulations from Washington could really hurt the industry, which is already going through cutbacks.

"It is our existence. You shut down coal mining, you shut down our way of life," Jeff Lewis, from Leslie County, said.

A way of life that many want to restore through attention-raising rallies like this.

"We need a biblical understanding of economic, government and education laws," Pinson said.

Fugate adds the number at the rally shows many agree.

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