Elk being trapped and moved away from people in eastern Kentucky.

PINEVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky wildlife officials are making
some headway in slowing the growing elk population in the eastern
part of the state.
Trappers have caught 13 of the animals, with hopes of snagging
more in the coming weeks, according to Karen Waldrop, wildlife
division director in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.
The Middlesboro Daily News reports that Kentucky wildlife
managers began reintroducing elk to the region in 1997. The
animals, which can grow to 800 pounds at maturity, had been driven
to extinction in the state by over-hunting more than a century ago.
But locals have complained that the elk population has gotten out
of control, with the animals overtaking some populated areas and
main roads.
Officials say the elk are being trapped without injury, then transported to a wildlife management area 25 miles away.

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