Basketball brawl a setback for Berea College as they enter tournament

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It's the fight that's grabbing national attention. A brawl involving players and fans during a basketball game at Berea College has now led to several suspensions. Now the team is trying to get ready for its conference tournament with fewer players available.

It's the video and the fight that students and fans know all-too well. A Berea College player sets a hard screen with his elbows up, knocking down an Indiana University Southeast player. Teammates then jump in and a brawl breaks out.

Coaches also step in to try to stop the fight as fans join from the stands. That's where the video ends, but it is now making national news as both teams have been penalized.

Tomorrow night Berea College will compete against Cincinnati Christian without five players because of the incident, leaving only a handful of players to take the court.

IU Southeast lost a game on Saturday without six players who were suspended for the incident. Both teams are now fighting for the same tournament title and if they were to both win the teams they'll soon be facing, could meet again in the conference championship game Saturday.

Berea officials will not say which players have been suspended, but they do plan to make a statement about the incident during the game tomorrow evening.

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