"Vulnerable" women robbed at gunpoint

Two robberies within a couple of hours and a couple of blocks of each other in Lexington and the victims seem to have something in common.

The first robbery happened Monday afternoon outside of Citi Trends, a store in the Eastland Shopping Center off Winchester Road. A woman was putting her children, ages 2 and 4 in the car when a man approached her and demanded money. When she said she didn't have any,he showed a gun. Her passenger handed over a small amount of money and the man took off.

Two hours later, another woman says she was robbed outside Kentucky Lighting, two blocks away from the first robbery. She says the man approached her while she was putting her disabled mother and her wheelchair inside their van. He showed a gun and got away with a zip up binder she had in her hand.

Police say the description of the man is the same in both robberies

He is a white man, around 5'5", weighing around 160 pounds, with a goatee. Police believe he possibly targeted the two women because they were vulnerable and distracted.

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