Hunger In Kentucky report released

One in seven Kentuckians is hungry, according to a study released Tuesday.

The Kentucky Association of Food Banks released its annual Hunger In Kentucky report in Frankfort.

Food bank officials say 620,000 Kentuckians are in need of food, and more non-traditional clients are now being served because of the downtown in the economy.

Officials say many of the hungry are faced with making difficult choices.

"34 percent cited having to make a choice between buying food or paying for utilities, or heating fuel," Marian Guinn, from God's Pantry Food Bank said. "31 percent cited making a choice between buying food or gas for the car."

"So many Kentuckians are feeling the problems of our economy," Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear said. "They feel it in their pocketbooks, they feel it as they look toward the future, and they feel it in their stomachs."

Donations for the hungry will be taken at this year's Kentucky Derby Breakfast at the state capitol.

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