Pink ambulance raises eyebrows and awareness

From the inside the view is similar to any other ambulance but once you take a step back you can see that this is no ordinary emergency vehicle.

The idea for the pink ambulance was hatched during breast cancer awareness month but the truck has come to symbolize the fight against all types of cancer. For every run LA30 takes, Ambulance Inc. of Laurel County donates two dollars to the American Cancer Society.

While the people who drive this ambulance say they love supporting the fight against cancer, one of the best things about driving this truck is the support the community has shown them.

"It's an overwhelming feeling. You almost want to cry because you know what it represents" said EMT Tracey Walker.

They also designed shirts to honor their captain's sister who died from breast cancer when she was 32.

The company is putting the finishing touches on a purple ambulance that will be on the streets next month. It will be driven in support of The March of Dimes and the fight against premature birth.

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