Crime Stoppers: Robbery in parking lot at Lexington hospital

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Lexington police are looking for a man who robbed an elderly woman in the parking lot at Central Baptist Hospital on January 21st, stealing her purse and diamond ring.

On January 21st in the parking lot of Central Baptist Hospital, an elderly woman was walking to her vehicle in the middle of the day. That's when she was approached by a man when she got inside her car.

"A white male with a scruffy beard attacked her, got her purse from her and while doing so noticed she had a very predominant diamond ring on", says Detective Matt Sharp with Lexington Police.

The man stole the ring along with the woman's purse.

"Once he had taken them he shoved her into the car over the middle console", says Detective Matt Sharp.

The man then fled the area but police are hoping you know whose responsible, or have seen the diamond ring they are looking for to help lead them to the suspect.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. Call Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020 or dial *2020 on your AT&T wireless phone. It's a free call and they don't want your name, just your information.

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