College students rally in Frankfort

They came to the Capitol with concerns about funding for their schools, hoping their noise will be heard by those considering cuts.

“Right now, 2 percent for universities, in the first budget cycle,” said Ryan Smith, the student body president at UK.

Governor Beshear was among those to voice opposition to that current proposal.

“There’s a lot of ideas being floating around..some not good for education,” said Beshear, referring to higher education cuts as well as a proposal to reduce the K-12 school year by two days.

Courtney Jackson attends Eastern Ky. University and she’s worried about another idea which could force her to pay per credit hour..instead of one lump sum per semester.

“It’s almost as if they are punishing those who go above the minimum 12 hour full time status,” said Jackson.

But if nothing else…the focus here was simply on being heard.

“I think that student opinions are very important, to influence legislators into making decisions if we rally together, something will come of it,” said EKU student Sarah Jackson

“We recognize that we will be moving the state forward, this is a great opportunity to define what is important to us,” said Univeristy of Louisville Student Body President O.J. Oleka.

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