First game after brawl is team's last

It was the first game for Berea college since the infamous basketball brawl that suspended five players.

Athletic director Mark Cartmill also spoke out about the brawl, that appeared on youtube, for the first time.

"I would like to apologize to the students, alumni and supporters of Berea college," said Cartmill.

The athletic director said officials comtemplated forfeiting the conference tournament and ending the season early. However, rules state if that was done they could not participate in next year's conference tournament.

"We didn't want next year's team and new players to be penalized," said Cartmill.

With only eight players in uniform, Berea lost to Cincinnati Christian, a team they had beaten twice this season at full strength. At the end of the game, the five suspended players came out of the crowd and consoled star player and the nation's leading scorer, Mikah Turner. The team gathered for a prayer at midcourt before leaving the court for the final time this season.

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