Finalists in design competition for Flight 5191 memorial announced

The Flight 5191 Memorial Commission announced Wednesday it's chosen five finalists in the design competition for a permanent memorial.

The memorial will honor the 49 people killed after Comair Flight 5191 crashed near Blue Grass Airport in Lexington in August, 2006.

The finalists are:

Barrett Partners, Inc. of Glendale, Pa. and Lexington

CMW, Inc. of Lexington

Douwe Studios of Valencia, Calif. and DeMossville, Ky.

Environs, Inc. of Louisville

Serendipity Studio, Inc. Of Elliottville, Ky.

Proposals from the five finalists will be made to the Memorial Commission Wednesday afternoon between 2 and 5 at the American Red Cross office on Newtown Pike in Lexington.

The commission says more than 45 artists submitted their ideas.

The commission will later choose one concept for the memorial.

The memorial will be placed at The Arboretum on Alumni Drive in Lexington.

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