House committee passes bill to outlaw "Sexting"

Representative Martha Jane King says she’s heard horror stories of the consequences of kids emailing nude pictures of themselves or others..often from cell phone cameras.

She told a House Committee Wednesday of how two teenage girls in Ohio and Florida committed suicide..after pictures they sent their boyfriends ended up on the internet.

Rep. King says "sexting" is also happening to victims who don’t know their pictures are being taken.

“Children in locker rooms, changing clothes..and photographs taken of another student..without clothes, being distributed around,” Rep. King, D-Lewisburg said.

House Bill 143 would set a $100 fine and community service for anyone under 18 caught “sexting.” King says police either take an extreme or nothing approach when dealing with the issue now.

“Either letting the situation go or turning the teenager into authorities when they could face felony charges and have to register as a child pornographer,” she said.

The bill found unanimous support among lawmakers in the judiciary committee.

“It is a situation that is out of control. And these are children make no mistake,” said Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. John Tilley, D-Hopkinsville.

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