Several inches of snow fall in Eastern Kentucky

The snow quickly piled up in Eastern Kentucky Thursday, causing many problems for drivers.

At noon, parts of Perry County already had three inches of snow on the ground, and it was still falling.

School parking lots were empty, and buses were parked at garages, as many school administrators decided to keep students home, and not tempt fate on the roads.

"They're bad, they're really bad. Even the main roads are bad," Kentucky State Trooper Timothy Mullins said.

Some people did venture out Thursday morning, including one woman in the Lotts Creek area on the Perry-Knott County line.

Police say she tried to go down Dickenson Road, and hit a patch of ice on the narrow road.

"Lost control of her vehicle, spun off the embankment, and stopped just before hitting the creek," Trooper Mullins said.

Emergency crews rescued her from the car. She was taken to a hospital, and is expected to be ok.

Salt trucks are working throughout Eastern Kentucky to clear the roads as fast as possible. But Trooper Mullins advises everyone to just stay home today.

"Don't get out if you don't have to. And if you do, go really, really slow. They get fooled into thinking you can go faster than you can. But when you touch your brakes, you're going to wreck," he said.

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