Evidence hearing held in Steve Nunn murder case

Attorneys for a former state lawmaker, accused of murdering his ex-fiancee, were back in court Thursday for an evidence hearing in the case.

Steve Nunn was not present for the hearing at the Fayette County Courthouse. Lexington police say he shot and killed Amanda Ross last September outside her home.

Thursday's hearing dealt with some evidence in the case.

Nunn's defense wanted to know the names of any witnesses prosecutors had that saw the shooting take place.

Prosecutors told the judge they didn't have any witnesses.

The defense still argued they wanted the names of any potential witnesses who were near Ross' home at the time of the shooting, but didn't see or hear anything.

The judge ruled prosecutors didn't have to provide a list of witnesses.

The next hearing in the case will deal with the results of Nunn's mental evaluation. The judge said those results could be available in the next few weeks.

The judge also said Thursday there's still a long time before a trial date could be set in the case.

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