Clipping Coupons Saves Major Cash

A penny saved is a penny earned. So, why not add to your income and start saving some of those precious pennies?

This week, we're investigating ways you can save money on all kinds of things.

One Lexington woman has been called the coupon queen. Alka Herald says when she and her husband Tim first got married, they couldn't afford to pay full price for items. But now , as a pharmacist and Tim, a marketing manager, they can afford to pay full price ,but they don't!

"I just kept going because I don’t want to buy toilet paper for full price. Why not buy it for 50 cents?" she said.

Herald says anyone can save money by clipping coupons. Not only does she advise going through the Sunday paper but now , she says utilizing the Internet is an even better way to save! She uses a website called where you can print out different coupons every week.

She says if you're asked for a fee to use a coupon service, that's defeating the purpose.

And of course, there's a best time for everything. Herald says the best time for using those coupons is sale time!

"The biggest thing is to match up coupons with sales. The best time to use coupons is when stores have a buy one get one free sale or double coupons," she said.

In the end, her pocketbook loves her. Herald says she's saving at least twenty five percent on her bills by cutting coupons.

Tune in to 27 NEWSFIRST at 5:00 on Tuesday for more details about how you can save your hard earned cash.

Hepful Comments from Monday's Chat

mommapatt60: I leave coupons on the shelf of the item if I am not going to use them. Also, frequently Kroger will send you a coupon for a significant amount of money, ie. 10.00 off on your next purchase over a certain amount. I sa ve those too.
thea stephens I have found it very economical to check out the ads in the paper for the larger drug stores and utilize coupons from the drug stores themselves or on line as described during the story on coupons! I paid only .70 for a 36 pack of name brand spring water at a drug store in the spring by utilizing those in -store coupons.!
mommapatt60 Walmart won't, but Kroger will, but never doubled. I think a lot of people thing of them as being a scam. My best deal is the double coupons at Kroger's and the senior day savings. We also have a freezer so we can purchase meats when on sale and save a lot of money that way.
ThriftyCoupons make me try a lot of products I might never try.. so I'm probably doing exactly what the manufacturers want. 
mommapatt60 I also have a computer print out of items according to the aisles in our Kroger store. I follow my list, mark things off as I get them. I keep my coupons in aisle order too. It saves a ton over a period of time.
ThriftyWe really started using coupons a year ago when we had a baby. There are a lot of coupons for diapers, wipes and food.
CC if you have expired coupons you should consider sending them to military locations over seas. They can use coupons expired for up to 6 months. It is a nice break for military families

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