Child left alone in home while mom goes to hospital

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She went to the hospital for medical help, but police say she left her three-year-old behind and alone at home.

UK Police say they were notified early Thursday morning to respond to the Greg Page Apartments on UK's campus.

"Early this morning we received a phone call from Lexington Police that a female had presented herself at the emergency room and there's possibly an unattended child at one of the apartments on UK's campus. Our officers responded over to the apartment complex and found the door partially ajar. They entered the apartment and found a small 3-year-old asleep inside", says Chief Joe Monroe with UK Police.

Police say the child was alone in the home.

"We contacted child protective services who came and took custody of the small child", says Chief Monroe.

Police say the mother, Jasmine Sims, who left him to go to the hospital for what she said was emergency treatment was charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.

UK Police reminding students to think twice before doing the same.

"If it's an emergency then they need to contact us immediately and we'll try to make arrangements to assist them and get them medical care and get them in contact with someone who can take care of their child while they're at the hospital", says Chief Joe Monroe.

Police could not say why the woman went to the emergency room or how long her son was alone before they found him.

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