911 call released in the death of Powell County toddler

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A frantic mother calls 911 and begs for help after discovering her unconscious daughter. The phone call has been released to 27 NEWSFIRST.

Kentucky State Police are still looking for the person responsible for the death of 22-month-old Danika Charles.

Her mother, Jessica Charles, found the toddler just before three in the afternoon on Friday.

Larry Hall the dispatcher who answered the phone said in 12 years on the job, said he'd never heard a phone call like this before.

Dispatcher: "What's going on?"
Mom: "My daughter's dead."
Dispatcher: "You daughter's what?"
Mom: My daughter was hurt, she's dead."

The entire conversation between Jessica Charles and Hall lasted for 15 minutes, until the ambulance arrived.

At one point the Hall passed his phone to Eddie Barnes, a Powell County EMT, who tried to help Charles perform CPR for the first time in her life on her own child.

Charles tried to revive her unconscious child for ten minutes until help arrived. The two year old girl was taken to Clark County Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead due to blunt force trauma.

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