Pizza Delivery Drivers Nervous After Recent Robberies In Lexington

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Many pizza delivery drivers in Lexington are concerned after a rash of robberies.

In the last month, several drivers have been held up at gunpoint, and it's happening across the city.

There have been at least a half a dozen pizza delivery robberies in the recent weeks across Lexington.

Pizza delivery drivers have been robbed on Woodhill, Hanna drive, Heartsbrook, and Georgetown road.

One delivery driver tells 27 NEWSFIRST there seems to be a misconception about delivery drivers, and that people think they carry a lot of money on them, but in actuality they only have $15 to $20 on them at a time.

She says drivers also scout out each location, before a delivery, to make sure it is safe.

She says there are even some areas of the city such as Woodburn parts of Woodhill, and the numbered streets downtown that they will only delivery at before sundown, or won't deliver at all.

We contacted many pizza stores in Lexington but they didn't want to comment publicly on their safety procedures.

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