Updated: Homes & Cars Hit During Shooting Spree In South Lexington

Lexington Police say gunmen opened fire this week hitting at least six vehicles, homes and signs.

Most of the reports came into police from the Man O' War and Rapid Run Drive area in south Lexington.

Police say shots were fired into one building at the Oak Grove Apartments.

Gunmen also fired into at least four vehicles.

Some victims didn't notice the damage until hours later. Police were called to a another report of a bullet hole in a car Tuesday evening on Niagara Drive.

The latest report may help police. A witness told officers they believe the spotted the gunmen at a near by gas station. Police are now checking surveillance video to see if they can identify the suspects.

In two of the reported shooting cases drivers were inside their car when it was hit. In one case, a bullet went through a car's rear window and hit the rear view mirror. In another case, a bullet went through the driver's side window and hit the steering wheel.

No one was injured in the shootings.

Lexington Police used their helicopter to search for suspects early Tuesday morning.

Police have a vehicle of interest in the case. It's described as a white van, possibly a work van, with a painted window behind the driver's door.

Two men were seen inside.

If caught, police say the suspects will be charged with at least wanton endangerment.

Police are asking people who live in this part of town to check their homes and cars to make sure they are not a victim.

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