Fayette County Superintendent Passes On Kentucky Education Commisioner Job

LEBANON, Ky. (AP) - The state Board of Education has a new education commissioner if it wants to hire Marion County Superintendent Roger Marcum. While Marcum is an educator who would take the job, Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman says he's not interested, but would strongly consider the post should it be offered.

The search for the next commissioner was reopened after controversial Illinois educator Barbara Erwin withdrew from the position last Friday, citing media scrutiny of errors on her resume and controversies at some of her previous jobs.

Board members met Saturday for a special meeting and decided they wanted a Kentuckian for the job. Silberman was widely considered a potential candidate when former commissioner Gene Wilhoit vacated the position in November, and at that time immediately circulated an e-mail to staff saying that he did not intend to leave his superintendent post.

In addition to Silberman, Marcum suggested Warren County Superintendent Dale Brown and Blake Haselton, executive director of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents, as noteworthy candidates.

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