Goodwill Customer Returns Valuable Item

A Goodwill customer gets far more than she bargains for when she discovers a profitable find inside a box she bought. But, she didn't keep the discovery to herself. Instead, she turned right around to give it back.

Friday the 13th ended up being a lucky one for a Goodwill customer after she found a savings bond tucked away that was worth hundreds more than the item she bought. Now, the search is on for the person the money belongs to.

Clerks at the store in the Millpond Shoppping Center say a woman bought a boxed porcelain doll for less than 10 dollars on Friday morning, but she didn't make it further than the parking lot. The woman opened the box and found a $1000 savings bond, complete with a woman's name, address and social security number on it.

The customer turned right around and turned in the bond to store managers who are still in the process of finding the owner.
Now, administrators there say they are grateful for the good will of their donors and customers.

While Goodwill is not releasing the name on the bond right now, they say it was issued to a woman from Evansville, Indiana in 1996.

They say they are trying to use the address to find the woman and if that doesn't work, they plan to start contacting banks. If you have some clues, you are asked to call (859) 277-3661, Goodwill's main office here in Lexington.

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