Danville police make arrest in shoplifting spree

Shoplifting is a common thing at many Walmarts, but on Tuesday night, a Mt. Vernon man is accused of trying to steal a big thing in an unusual way.

“Took a Blu Ray player out of the box, strapped it to his body using a belt, concealed it, exited the store,” said Danville Police Chief Jay Newell.

Police say Gary Hasty went to great lengths to get away with electronics.

“The loss prevention officer stated to police that Gary (Hasty) had brandished a knife, threatened him with it,” said Newell.

While Hasty was being arrested inside, police say two others outside, including a 71 year old woman, were trying to get away.

That’s when Boyle County Sheriff Marty Elliot and a deputy stepped in and stopped a Dodge Durango they believe all three went to Walmart in.

And when police opened up the Dodge Durango they say they found all kinds of stolen stuff, leading them to believe, they had been hitting stores all over this area.

Clothes, tools, and more electronics were allegedly found in the vehicle.

Hasty was arrested and police say he admitted to them that he had been snorting pills and was high on drugs during the crimes.

The two others police believe were with Hasty were cited but further evidence could result in more serious charges against them.

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