Car Used In Teens' Escape Found By Police

Harrodsburg Police say they found a state car early Wednesday morning that was used by two teenage girls who overpowered an officer to escape custody.

17-year-old Amber Tucker and 16-year-old Brandi Murrah were being transported from Warren County to the Morehead Youth Development Center in Morehead, when one of the inmates faked an illness.

When the transport officer checked on her, police say both teenagers overpowered the officer, forcing her to stop and exit the car.

They then allegedly stole the car, a blue 2005 Ford Crown Victoria.

Harrodsburg Police say they found the car at the end of an undeveloped subdivision of US 127 behind the Jeff Sachs auto dealership in Mercer County.

They tell 27 NEWSFIRST both rear tires were flat.

Officers couldn't find a weapon or cell phone inside the car and said the keys were missing.

Police used a K-9 unit to try to track down Tucker and Murrah but couldn't find them.

Investigators think the two could have been picked up by another driver.

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