Fayette and Jessamine Counties Working To Make Biking and Walking Safer

Fayette and Jessamine Counties are working together to make bicycling and walking from place to place easier and safer.

The plan is to join in the National Complete Streets Movement. The idea is to rethink and redesign the transportation corridors so traveling on foot or on bike is just as safe and easy as by car. That means making some significant changes all over town.

The plan calls for adding more bike lanes, widening and adding sidewalks, changing traffic light patterns and more time for people to cross.

It's a 20 year plan in which they plan to add bike and pedestrian connectors from north to south and another from east to west in Lexington and they hope to connect the two counties when it's all said and done.

Click the Links below to learn more about the plan.
Pages 71 - 75 show maps of the areas

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