Money Saving Tips For The Grocery Store

We're going grocery shopping. What do you think? Is it more expensive to eat in or eat out?

Kathleen Stanley is a registered dietitian, so we thought she'd be someone good to help us put eating in versus eating out to the test.

She says she thinks there's a myth that fast food costs less, when in fact, shopping and cooking at home saves you money!

Stanley says it may take a little more time, but the consequences of constantly eating out will come later, not only for your health but for your finances.

"If you've got a family of four, 2 adults and 2 kids, and go through a typical drive-thru, it's gonna cost you somewhere between 20 and 25 dollars," she said.

For that much money, you'll get a sandwich with a side item and a drink. Stanley
says at the grocery store, you get a lot more. You can get sides and veggies and you'll have more food for the next day.

Stanley says at the grocery store you have a lot more to choose from and you get to pick the portion size.

Another place you can save money is with sandwiches. An average sandwich at a fast food restaurant costs between three and four dollars for three or four ounces of meat. If you, instead, pick up lunch meat at the deli or cold cut aisle, it will cost less and you'll be able to make it stretch for more than one sandwich.

Stanley also says to be smart about going to the grocery. Make a list and stick to it and stay away from the extras that can really add up.

Here are some comments from our Tuesday night chat.

mommapatt60 Hello everyone. My husband and I are seniors. Not all the time, you have to be wise about it, but sometimes we can eat out together for as little as 50.00 per week. We eat out a lot as we both still work and are frequently too tired or busy to cook.
mommapatt60 Cooking for one is difficult, but not impossible. Cook for two or more, divide and freeze the other half for later in the week or eat for lunch the next day. We eat left overs, but if we have left over pork roast as we do tonight....tonight it is barbeque. We are also having fresh green beans with potatoes cooked with them and corn on the cob steamed on top til done, and country corn bread and yes, I just got home from working all day.
mommapatt60 Always eat first, stick to your list and ignore the music. Grocery stores play soft music as it slows you down too, have you ever noticed that....
Thrifty I've known people who go to Sam's Club and fill up on samples and call that their evening meal
Thrifty Buy the stuff that's called "Manager's special." They
put it out because it's about to expire but if you're going to
eat it that night, there's nothing wrong with it
shannon my wife and i try to make aout menus for each week and go by that for our shopping list
Thrifty stay at hotels that offer free breakfast
Thrifty Pack your lunch before you go to bed at night, because you'll never do
it in the morning

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