Kentuckians Prepare For Visit From Presidential Candidate

There's plenty of excitement in an eastern Kentucky town where folks are getting ready for a visit by democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

His stop in Floyd and Letcher counties will be part of a three day, eight state tour, highlighting poverty in America.

It's not every day someone running for president decides to stop off in the small towns of Prestonsburg and Whitesburg, but John Edwards is making it a priority to visit these underprivileged areas.

His visit is getting mixed reaction from those who live there.

Edwards is campaigning on change. He hopes to change the number of Americans living in poverty, so he's stopping off in eastern Kentucky address the issue.

Some people we spoke to say his visit highlights the problems of the community, but they welcome the discussion.

Edwards has already visited the 9th ward of New Orleans as part of his poverty tour. He will arrive in Kentucky on Wednesday morning at eleven. He'll speak at the Appalshop in Whitesburg. The doors open at 10:30. The event is open to the public.

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