Town Bucks Smoke-Free Trend

RADCLIFF, Ky. (AP) - While the trend in Hardin County lately has
been toward smoke-free environments, the Radcliff City Council
decided yesterday to give smokers a break.
Elizabethtown and county officials recently passed anti-smoking
laws, but Radcliffs council decided by a four-to-two vote to uphold
an establishments right to allow patrons and employees to light up.
Councilman Chuck Angus said residents are satisfied with the
status quo, and if they dont like being in a place where theres
smoke, they can leave.
Officials have said theyd consider making establishments install
signs telling those who enter whether smoking is allowed, but that
didn't come up for discussion yesterday.
Councilman Don Yates, who led the effort to ban smoking in
public places, asked council members to table the issue in favor of
further discussion. The vote ended in a tie with Mayor Sheila
Enyart breaking the deadlock by voting to call for a decision.
The vote wasnt on a specific ordinance, instead it was on
whether to pursue some kind of smoking ban.

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