Lexington man concerned for relatives in Chile

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It's been called the strongest ever recorded. An 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked central Chile Saturday.

Now a local man worries for his family members, who live near the epi-center.

Raul Lagos is a spanish professor at the University of Kentucky.

He is from Concepcion, which is just 70 miles from the quake's epicenter.

Lagos has lived in Kentucky for more than 40 years since he left Chile, but as he watches images of destruction on t.v. near his hometown, he's filled with worry.

"The old buildings - you know they're not earthquake proof," said Lagos, "so with this strength of the earthquake they are going to collapse."

His family and friends live in work in those buildings.

He's been calling them all day since he learned about what happened, but he only gets a busy signal.

This is not the first time he's seen the area where he grew up left in shambles from a quake - he lived through one in the 60's.

"We didn't dare sleep inside the house, because you know we thought it would come down on us," said Lagos, "so a lot of the people are not sleeping inside their house right now, I'm sure."

Knowing what it's like makes him even more concerned.

He says he will continue to call and email, day and night, until he knows his family is safe.

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