Body of teen found at apartment complex

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A shocking discovery outside a Kentucky apartment complex -- a partially clothed teenager found dead in the snow. A resident spotted 15-year old Karen Kappelman's body at the Legends of Steeplechase apartment complex near I-75 in Boone County Sunday morning.

When detectives began their investigation, they left open the possibility that Kappelman had died from exposure to the weather. Since then, one of the few details investigators are confirming is that this was a homicide.

Police marked off the area where the 15-year-old's body was found in the snow. Investigators say she was only partially clothed when a neighbor discovered her at the bottom of a hill near a sidewalk running alongside the parking lot. Residents of the apartment complex didn't know what to make of the discovery. "When I initially heard they had found a body, I really expected it to be something natural causes, maybe an elderly person had been found in their apartment, and I really didn't expect what had actually happened," neighbor Roger Johnson said.
Investigators released few details, only that Kappelman was possibly with friends Saturday night. "Obviously we're investigating it from every angle," Tom Scheben with the Boone Co Sheriff's Department said.

Kappelman had not been reported missing. There was no word from her family members who were staying at an undisclosed location Sunday.

Kappelman was a student at Ryle High School. The principal says counselors will be available Monday to help her fellow students. Kappelman's cause of death has not been released, an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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