Georgetown College students worry about Chilean relatives

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"I woke up in the morning and a friend knocking at my door - she was saying if I heard something about the earthquake in Chile," said Georgetown College student Nicole Muller.

Muller is an international student from Chile.

" obviously freaked out," Muller said.

Another student, Ariel Gugierrez, also worried when he heard the news.

"Obviously I feel the pain and the sadness," Gugierrez said.

This weekend has been filled with worry for the two students.

They had to wait hours to find out if their families were alive after the earthquake.

"I go straight to the computer, I got online - nobody was online," said Muller.

Muller says it took her until midnight Saturday to finally hear from her parents.

"It was really hard to communicate for hours," she said.

Gugierrez learned his immediate family is okay, but he is still waiting to hear back from relatives in Concepcion - which is near the epi-center of the 8.8 earthquake.

"I'm just extremely worried," said Gugierrez, "my 2 other cousins - they brighten my day - ff anything happened to them I'll be very frustrated."

As the death toll rises they are both concerned for their loved ones, who are now dealing with the aftermath.

"They don't have water, electricity, no access to internet," Muller said. "I'm just in shock.. I don't know what to think about it, I wish I could be there.. I wish I could help more."

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