Saving Money With The Brown Bag Shopper

She calls herself the Brown Bag Shopper. Jill Brown is a personal shopper, always searching for ways to save.
She says the smarter you shop, the less you pay. As a personal shopper, she knows first hand how to dig for deals.
"I'm extravagantly cheap! I like to get deals and I like to help people get good deals," Brown says.
She says the best time to do the digging comes around four times a year: at the end of each season.
Brown also says while it's always nice to get a deal, normally it's not a deal if you don't really need it. If you're going to let something hang in the closet, you're just throwing away your money.
"Don't buy because it's on sale, buy because you're going to wear them," Brown says.
Brown also suggest looking at consignment and donating your clothes to charity for tax write-offs.
And don't forget, Brown says you should never pay full price when you are shopping.

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