Backlash continues over Bunning's decision to block extended unemployment benefits

Two thousand federal transportation workers are temporarily out of jobs Monday.

The Obama administration says it's because Kentucky Republican Senator Jim Bunning is blocking legislation worth $10 billion, that also extends unemployment benefits.

Bunning's decision is making headlines across the country.

Experts say 400,000 people no longer have unemployment benefits, after they were stopped over the weekend.

But Bunning's critics say his objection to fellow Republic Senator John Kyl's proposal for a $10 billion jobless benefit package will move forward this week, without or without Bunning's support.

Bunning argues this legislation will just put the country deeper in debt. He says he's just following a new law, the so-called "Pay As You Go" legislation, which requires lawmakers to find savings in one area if they plan to spend in another area.

Besides extended unemployment benefits, the $10 billion legislation would also help fund small business loans and newly laid off workers looking for insurance premiums.

As for the 2,000 federal transportation workers, they're now furloughed, without pay. That's because the bill Bunning blocked also included an extension of federal highway and transit programs that expired Sunday.

Two protests are planned tomorrow in Kentucky, one in support of Bunning's decision, and one opposed to it.

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